Chios mastiha has been known, as an effective ingredient in the treatment of stomach pains, gastric disorders, digestive problems, gastralgia and stomach ulcers since ancient times.

Μedical recipes from antiquity and the middle ages, written by medical practitioners, physicians and botanists, recommend Chios mastiha as a beneficial aid in treating conditions and disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

According to recent clinical studies, Chios mastiha has proven action against Helicobacter pylori, contributes positively to preventing and treating the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and constitutes the most natural way to treat peptic disorders.


Special Message
Mastiha is used to manufacture surgical thread. Stitches made with this thread are absorbed by the body and do not require cutting.

At the end of the 13th century, a physician known as Gilbertus Anglicus flourished in London. In his Compendium Medicinae he mentions “Diacerasus”, a remedy for the spleen that contains cherry juice, cinnamon and mastiha.